Neapolitan Braised Beef Pot Roast with Onion Sauce

Manzo alla Genovese Napoletana

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Many recipes we make today evolved over hundreds of years. Traveling from country to country, diplomats and their chefs impressed home cooks who, in turn, imprinted their local customs on newly introduced dishes. These recipes are continual reminders of the melding of cultures from past through present times. Manzo alla Genovese Napoletana is one of the finest examples of Italian culinary history on a plate, and remains one of the most delicious!

This centuries-old recipe exemplifies the importance France, Paris, and the opulent Bourbon dynasty had on the arts as it influenced the cuisine of Piemonte, then Liguria and Genoa, then Campania and Napoli, dating back to the 1700's A.D. Spanning two countries and three Italian regions, the resulting dish, however, is an anomaly. While no historical record of the recipe dates back to French or Genovese cuisine, it is attributed to the city of Genoa. Hence the title “La Genovese or alla Genovese” meaning “of Genoa or Genoese style” applied to this iconic beef and onion dish of Naples; deceptively simple ingredients transform into absolute lusciousness! A true preparation of Neapolitan cuisine, it is flavored with lightly smoked salame Napoli and locally-grown ramata di Montoro onions.

Manzo alla Genovese Napoletana is a type of stracotto, beef roast braised with onions over low heat for a few hours until it becomes fork-tender. The onions slowly reduce into unctuous sauce called sugo which dresses pasta and slices of braised beef. Serve in the same meal, begin with the primo pasta course followed by the secondo beef course; or simultaneously serve two platters together so the pasta becomes a side dish to the main dish.

Original recipe, thoroughly tested. Extensive Chef’s Tips on ingredient selection and techniques. Easy step-by-step directions with several photos. Ingredient listing includes ounce/gram weights, volume, and inch/centimeter measurements, where applicable, making it easy to follow. Oven temperatures include F/C/Gas Mark for your convenience. Timing may vary with heat source. 4 servings. Up to 6 servings with 1 pound/450 g pasta. Cook time: 25 minutes for browning beef and layering ingredients. Braise: 3 hours.

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