Tuscan Vegetable and Legume Soup, Re-Boiled with Bread

La Ribollita

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The Italian verb bollire means “to boil”. Ribollire means “to re-boil or re-cook”. La Ribollita is cooked twice.
First Cooking: Make the vegetable and legume soup. Cool down, refrigerate for 1 to 2 days.
Second Cooking: Stir stale bread into the soup while reheating on the cooktop, or alternate layers of soup and bread slices in a casserole, then finish in the oven.

A beloved culinary treasure of Tuscan massaie, farmhouse cooks and housewives, Ribollita is ingrained in the culture, featured on trattoria and ristorante menus as well as being a family heirloom recipe passed down from generation to generation. It is ideal as a comfy-style meal. Focus on end-of-summer and beginning-of-autumn vegetables and white cannellini or sorana beans. The style is up to you as is the quantity of bread added for making it as soup, or thick stew, or so thick it is mounded on plates. Serve directly at table side as a minestra or meal-in-one dish. Mmmm…iconic deliciousness.

Original recipe, thoroughly tested. Two PDFs. One PDF Chef’s Tips with excellent guidance on choice of ingredients. One PDF Recipe with extensive detailed instruction and photos of two different cooking methods on the cooktop or oven, including the best way to prepare the bread. Easy step-by-step instruction and photos of three different serving styles of Tuscany’s signature soup. Whether you prefer making this dish entirely on the cooktop, or layering then finishing in the oven, both methods make superb Ribollita.

Ingredient listing includes ounce/gram weights, volume, and inch/centimeter measurements, where applicable, making it easy to follow. Oven temperatures include F/C/Gas Mark for your convenience. Timing may vary with heat source. Up to 8 servings, about 16 cups/4 quarts/3.8 liters. First Cooking – Making the Soup: Cooktop for 1 to 1 1/4 hours. Second Cooking – Adding Bread: Cooktop or oven. 20 to 50 minutes depending on using small individual tureens or a large Dutch oven or casserole.

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